Guilin, China


9 thoughts on “Guilin, China

    • Hello my friend, so nice to hear from you!! 🙂
      And interestingly – I’ve had the same type of experience here in Tuscany, going out on the countryside and seeing the colline.. thinking that “this” is the origin of the beautiful colors, light and forms in so much of the Italian arts.
      I’d love to see the Chinese landscapes again too (I went there briefly in 2000), they have such serene nature in parts of the country.

      Btw. I’m posting some pics at these days, not at all artistic ones, but just plain photography from everyday things in Florence and small trips around in the region.

      • I was in a hotel in France where I saw a reproduction of a painting by Dufy by a window with a plaque Dufy slept here. Outside the window was the same view that he had painted from that very window. I think a building had been added since he had painted the scene Of course, I had to do a little watercolor or the same scene 🙂

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