Castelluccio, Italy


13 thoughts on “Castelluccio, Italy

  1. Just wanted to thank you for liking my new blog Simple Homemade Italian Food. This is a new adventure for me and it is so much appreciated when people take the time to support a newbie. Your photos are beautiful. I’ve wanted to visit Italy for so long. Hopefully one day I’ll get there. Hope to see you visit my blog again soon.

    • Anytime! And the food in your post looks great – I’m staying in Bologna for a while now and I’m really getting into the food and laidback lifestyle 🙂 Keep blogging, ciaoooo!

  2. Castelluccio mi ricorda San Francesco e il film fatto per la sua vita. Un paesaggio amplissimo con fioritura a maggio!! Pensa vi andai nel 1977 con mia fiat 500 e con una gabbia di 3 merli piccoli che allevavo (dovevo dar loro da mangiare ogni 4 ore!!) ma poi li ho lasciati non amavano gli spazi angusti.Ciao

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