12 thoughts on “Tuscany..

    • Thank you!!! I spent a few weeks in February there – and it looks like this all over. The light and the landscape is truly mesmerizing 🙂

  1. Thank you for posting this picture….this is my hometown!! I am born in Tuscany! I beg this is taken around Siena! …you make me feeling homesick!! 🙂

    • Oh wow lucky you! Sei fortunata!! 🙂
      And I LOVE Siena, and all of Italy too. And in fact, I just spend two months in Bologna, Torino and Arezzo(!) this winter – and hope to return for a longer stay very soon 😉

      I’ve also become completely addicted to Mozzarella di Bufala – e Prusciutto di Parma!!!!

      • oooh!!…I miss “mozzarella di Bufala” e “Prosciutto di Parma”!! I am from Prato, that’s not far from Bologna!! I live in England now, and I really miss my country!

  2. This photo is fantastic – I’m going to Tuscany for the first time in the coming weeks and this has made me even more excited to get out there with my camera and take some pictures! The landscape is stunning.

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