Campo Marzio, Rome.


6 thoughts on “Campo Marzio, Rome.

    • Lucky you! And I really liked your post about Italy “good for vacation, but not for living..”. The dream still lives on though 🙂

      • thanks! Well it’s true for vacation I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I’ve been a little bit everywhere…yet to live so many problems starting by the school,hospitals,the government maybe in some years it will be a great place again I really hope it!

    • Yes, I thought the same! And from the flickr..:

      “Seen from above, Rome reveals in full measure its renowned quality of light, countless ochre and blue nuances, a landscape of diffused shadows and gentle luminosity with bell towers, domes and monuments rising over tiled roofs.”
      The Romans sure chose a nice spot for their Imperial Captial!

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