Ravenna, Italy.


10 thoughts on “Ravenna, Italy.

  1. Ravenna is the place where I want to visit someday! Very beautiful!
    …and thank you very much for your visit to my blog. I am very glad 🙂

    • Ravenna is a great place – and I think you’d like it!
      From the moment you step of the train (if traveling that way..) it’s just this nice and calm atmosphere there, a certain openness – and a mix of Roman-European and Middle East/Byzantine culture and aesthetics not quite found anywhere else.
      Great people there too.

      And I love your blog, all the pics work very well for me! Well composed and with a beautiful mood I think. So thanks for posting 🙂

    • Sounds great – I’m always happy to help people “discover” Ravenna, it’s a bit in the shadows between Venice, Bologna and Florence – but it shouldn’t be! But of course – a bit of the charm is that it’s not that mass touristy 😉

      Oh, last thing – I’m only collecting this stuff – check the faq!

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