Cefalú, Sicily


8 thoughts on “Cefalú, Sicily

  1. Haven’t thought about Cefalú in a while! Thanks for posting the photo. A good friend of mine lived way out in the country and had to go to Cefalú for school, where she and a bunch of friends lived with a group of nuns. Oh, the stories she had to tell! Beautiful place.

    • Oh nice! What did she tell?
      Lots of these small towns by the coast are very beautiful and soothing I think, and also with some kind of vibe that’s hard to describe… Not quite secretive or deceptive – but different somehow. Or maybe they’re just tired of tourists 🙂

      • I know what you mean, there’s just something about the out of the way places. I felt very fortunate when my friend invited me home for a visit. I’ve never been treated so well in my life, and by people who didn’t even know me.

        She had a handful of stories, but the one that I remember most was when she and a group of girls from school decided to sneak out at night to get gelato with some boys (they’d planned to do this around midnight). They thought they had it all figured out. They’d left the church door open just a bit so that they could get back in. When they came back in the middle of the night, the door was closed! They had to wait until after morning Mass to get back in. All kinds of old women, who had attended the Mass, were filing out and looking at them with knowing eyes (they’d been out all night). Mother Superior (I suppose) was waiting at the door for them. Not quite sure what happened after that, but she said she didn’t regret it for a minute… it’s one of her fondest memories. I think she was only about 15 at the time.

      • Ah, what a nice story!
        And it might say so many things about the culture, too.. it’s sort of strict it seems, but then again – they’re very lifeloving people, and probably understand so well the adventures of the young ones.. getting some gelato especially!!

        And talking about out of the way places, somehow we ended up on the wrong bus heading for Mt. Etna once – and got lost in a tiny mountainvillage that never had seen a stranger it seemed. And they were just so incredibly nice, so attentive – and we had the best meal there w local pane, olio and local wine. Memories for life.

    • Sounds good 🙂 Both are really beautiful countries – and easy to travel around, too. And discovering and travelling them for the first time is just great!

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