Rialto Bridge, Venice.


4 thoughts on “Rialto Bridge, Venice.

    • And this is usually within the first minutes of arriving on the island. Off the train station, a bit left – and there you have it. Let the adventures begin!

      • You have a fantastic eye and great talent. one of my favorite memories is of the Rialto Market. I am a food guy by profession and always find markets where ever I go. I love them. I have a funny story about Venice, you’ve probably already read it. “Ever been in hot water? not if your traveling with me”. Anyhow, keep those beautiful pictures coming.


      • Thank you for kind words. And it’s a nice daily habit this thing – finding some great pics and sharing them. Keeps past adventures and memories alive.
        And markets – then Italy must be in the top.. some of the best food I’ve ever tried was local produce in the south, in places like Amalfi and Sicily. When everything, include the wine, was grown in the same soil.

        And I’m looking up the story right now.

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